The Healing Potential of Chara intermedia - 1 DVD


"Homeopathy from Childhood to Old Age Congress 2014” at March 16, in Bad Krozingen Germany

Chara intermedia, a freshwater alga, has existed unchanged for over 450 million years. Due to its ability to purify water, it plays an important role on earth and for mankind. Scientists believe it has great medical potential. The homeopaths Heidi Brand and Norbert Groeger, who were the first to prove this remedy, talk here about their experience with the trituration, proving and clinical use of this ancient aquatic plant.


Slides are in German but audio is tanslated into English

Sample 1: Click here

Sample 2: Click here

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They explain the botany of the plant and present interesting cases, using these to elucidate the central rubrics and essential characteristics of the remedy. The core of the remedy is the way it helps cleanse the organism, both physically and above all psychologically. This alga has the potential to bring unconscious, traumatic experiences back into consciousness. Heidi Brand illustrates this by a case of borreliosis (Lyme disease) with joint complaints, including repressed abuse. Norbert Groeger presents a case of osteoarthritis, stiffness, digestive complaints and compulsive washing. This shows the important themes of Chara intermedia such as stiffness (the alga withdraws lime from the water) as well as further geriatric issues – finally the patient can come to terms with wartime trauma.

This fascinating talk quickly draws us into the realm of Chara intermedia. Thanks to the comprehensive and multifaceted approach, we are sure to be able to recall important elements of this new remedy in the future. And the lively presentation is a real pleasure to listen to.

• 00:00 Welcome
• 00:49 Chara intermedia – introductory pictures
• 02:41 Why Chara intermedia?
• 07:50 Sampling
• 09:19 Trituration: Rigidity, stiffness, concentration, age, pollution
• 12:08 Proving: Cleansing – many dreams Stiffness
• 15:11 Botany of the alga
• 23:05 Case 1: Compulsive washing – unresolved family issues, alternating osteoarthritis, alternating tendinopathy
• 44:10 Major rubrics for Chara
• 46:52 Pictures of abscess
• 50:04 Chara in geriatrics – overcoming the effects of war
• 52:12 Case 2: Joint complaints following borreliosis (Lyme disease) “I get stuck with everything”
• 1:09:13 Conclusion

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